Heartbreak in the finals

After a closely-contested 2-0 victory in the semifinals vs. Northumberland, the Islanders were in tough again on Champion’s Day vs. the Buffalo Sabres Gold.

The teams traded chances through 3 periods, with Markham maintaining most of the pressure, but an unlucky deflection during 3-on-3 overtime gave the visiting Sabres the 1-0 victory and a gold medal to declare at customs.

Heartbreak and disappointment aside, the team should be proud of their accomplishments, this season.  We experienced a large turn-over in personnel (losing several veterans, but only adding 2 rookies and a new coach) and still managed to equal last year’s result of making the final.  Congratulations to the entire team, our supporters, and to “Coach Diddy”, on a well-played season!

We now turn our focus to next season and strengthening our team/growing our program. Anybody interested in joining or sponsoring the team can reach us via the Contact form, or by calling our coach directly (Rick: 647-551-5909).